ds International School, Baluchaha Road Padrauna, Kushinagar

Art & Music

The World of Art & Music

At J.D.S. International School, we enrich your child with culture, art heritage, tradition and music that is so unique and precious to India. We have our own signing lessons accompanied and supported by our enriched music department. So, a high standard is always maintained. They assist in the teaching of notation, rhythm and composition work, help in the children to perform their written work on precussion instrument etc.

The emphasis here is to channelize the physical energy and creative aptitude of the child into the learning skills like music, art, speech, exercise and projects, which are integrated into curriculum. Not just education, we touch their live beyond that.

We make them true performers. Extra curricular activities make mind and soul of every child artistic so that they can show their talents in these also. Moreover, arts and fine arts refine the soul of an individuals and refinements of thoughts lead to an enlightened human being.

"A friendly and caring environment for children to thrive in."

The World of equation & experiments

We, at J.D.S. International School, sharpen the child's brain with theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Our state-of-art and fully functional laboratories give every child a scientific outlook and encourage them to discover storehouse of creativity, talent and capabilities. Weinfuse dynamism in every to translate his/her thoughts into theories. Imaginations to reality and aspirations into accomplishments. We support them in projecting their potentialities in every fiels. We let our children be what they want to be, because one does and becomes the best what one loves and aspires to be the most.