ds International School, Baluchaha Road Padrauna, Kushinagar

Principal's Message


Today’s world is a ‘new look’ world altogether for its language and interactions. We speak in terms of ‘networking’ & clouds and interact in Skype, surfing, chatting and what not! The world is at the finger tips of a computer savvy person; such people are glued to their computers, smart phones or i – pads to be in touch with what is going around.

In such a scenario, one needs to be abreast with this fast paced world. ‘Website’ is a necessary tool to be connected with the world and vice-versa. All the colourful happenings under the roof of jds international School be known to all and sundry who log on to www.jdsinternationalschool.com It is earnestly hoped that through this website all the jds are more actively and creatively connected to one another.